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The Koschatzky Art-Award (KA) is bestowed every two years by the Rotary Club Wien-Albertina in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the association.

In addition to this award to support young artists, the Rotary Club Wien-Albertina also is establishing a separate legally-dependent fund as of 1.10.2011 to finance a grant of at least € 6,000 per year to be awarded in accordance with the following guidelines. This grant is named the Koschatzky Art-Award Grant (KA Grant) and is awarded to young aspiring artists who are suffering financial hardship through no fault of their own.

The fund for the grant was originally endowed with a starting capital of € 60,000 and thereafter was to be financed solely from funds generated within the Koschatzky Art-Award accounting entity. The amount of the endowment and the way in which the grant fund is invested is decided by the Club’s Board of Directors.





The grant scheme is open to full-time professional artists who are aged between 18 and 35 and who work in the visual arts, preferably with those means of expression for which the KA is awarded.

Applicants must have established the centre of their vital interests in Austria at least one year before applying for the grant. Austrian nationality is not essential.


Deadline for applications



Applications for a grant must be submitted to the Koschatzky Art-Award project team by 31 October of each calendar year, using the forms provided by the Club for this purpose and accompanied by the required documentary evidence. If a grant is awarded, it will be paid out in monthly instalments of € 500 for a period of 12 months.

In exceptional circumstances, which must be approved by the Committee, candidates may apply to receive a grant for a second year or for a supplement of 25% to the grant.


Grant awards



Applications will be reviewed by the KA project team, members of which are entitled to request applicants to provide additional information. Within one month of the end of the application period, the project team will put forward a suggestion to the Club’s Board of Directors regarding the award of the grant and the Board will then make its decision within a short period of time.

The decision to award or reject grant applications is made by the Club’s Board of Directors at its own discretion; there is no legal entitlement to receive a grant.

Christian Norden, Jurymitglied


Rotary Club Wien-Albertina
President 2020/2021
Member of the Jury KA'21

Reinhard Backhausen, Gesamtkoordinator KA'21


Past-President Rotary Club
Wien-Albertina 2017/2018
Executive coordinator KA'21



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The Koschatzky Art-Award is organised by the Rotary Club Wien-Albertina which is registered as an association under Austrian law and is a member of the worldwide Rotary organisation. Clubs are non-political, non-religious and open to all cultures, races and creeds.
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